Monday, September 26, 2011

Momma Always said " Never play with your food"

Last week we learned about 2D (Flat) and 3D (Solid) figures in my classroom. I am teaching the new Common Core Math this year and loving it!!!  All week we did hands on activities to learn how to identify flat and solid figures. Monday we did a paper bag activity. I put flat and solid figures into a paper bag and each child had to reach into the bag, feel the figure and identify the figure as a flat or solid. After the figure was identified the student pulled the figure out of the bag for the other students to see. Tuesday we did a flat and solid sorting activity. A co-teacher and myself collected things from around our houses and put them in one big box. The students had to find two figures  in the box that were alike and describe how the figures where alike and if they were flats or solids. Wednesday we found things around our classroom that are flats and solids. Thursday was what the students described as the BEST Math lesson ever...we sorted flat and solid foods. I sent home a letter asking students to bring in different foods that are flat and solid figures.
This is what the students brought in:
triangle- triangle cheez- its crackers out of the chedder chex mix
square-wheat thins/cheez-its
rectangle-graham crackers
sphere - yogo's/ whoppers
cylinder - marshmallows/Combos
cube -cheese/caramel
rectangular prism- twix/ kit kat
cone- Bugles
This is what our bag of "figures" looked  like:

This is what they looked like sorted into flats and solids:

We did not learn the names of the shapes just whether the shape was a flat or solid...names are coming later !!!