Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kindergarten Cop

I am the teacher who loves animals. My assistant does not enjoy animals as much as I do. The students and I have talked about how we love animals and of course they all want to bring their pet to school to share with the other students. On Fridays we have Show'N Tell. The students bring different things to share with the class that is associated with the letter of the week. This week our letter was E so we ended up with a lot of elephants, but we had one special guest Princess. Princess is a Ferret. Now I bet you are wondering how in the world we ended up with something for Show'N Tell that starts with the letter F on the Letter E week. Well it kinda happened like this...I have a precious little girl who loves animals as much as I do and she came up to me the day before (Thursday) and said "Miss Jordan can I bring Princess, my ferret, tomorrow for Show'N Tell?" I said "Does Princess start with the letter E?" Her response to my question was "No!" Then I asked "Does ferret start with the letter E?" She said "no"and walked away. As we were leaving for the day she said " You know, Miss Jordan, ferret does not start with an E but the second letter is an E" so of course how could I tell the child "No" when she had thought of a way to associate the letter E with what she was wanting to bring for Show'N Tell. So Friday we had a guest in our classroom....Princess. Princess was very friendly so at Show'N Tell time we sat in a big circle and let Princess run around and the students could pet her. I don't know how many of you have ever watched Kindergarten Cop with Arnold Schwarzenegger but if you have and you remember Show'N Tell and the ferret scene then you know exactly how our Show'N Tell went Friday. We hope that Princess,the ferret, will come back and spend the day with us again. Oh and my assistant asked 'Is that a malnourished possum?" students "NO, it is a ferret don't you want to pet it?" "NO NO NO" as she is running out the door.
Miss Jordan & Princess

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